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Tune Your Brain to BE

Tune Your Brain To Supercharge Your Confidence

Laser Focus

​​​​Other Mini-Classes I teach:

Tune Your Brain to "BE": The Joy of Being Centered and Grounded
Reduce stress while being happily centered and grounded for a more confident, joyful life. Imagine a new version of yourself without your weaknesses and sticking points. A truly life-transformative class. 

Tune Your Brain to be Primo Organized
You will learn simple, fun movements and techniques to improve your focus and ability to conplete tasks with confidence. You will also learn how to implement these techniques into your daily life. 

Tune Your Brain for Laser Focus
You will learn simple, fun techniques to increase your focus. You will ​also learn variations and how to implement these simple techniques into your life. 

T​​​wo-hour Mini Class

Improve Memory

Improve Your Balance

​April 11  - The Great Brain Tune-up for Laser Sharp Memory,  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Do you spend time looking for things, because you can't remember where you put them? Do you have trouble remembering names? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover simple techniques to increase your short and long-term memory, while improving focus, organization and stamina. 

This class is in partnership with, Finishing School for Modern Women (www.finishingschoolformodernwomen). 
Tuition $35. 

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